Place all flyer/postcard/e-flyer/ad orders by using the order forms.
For custom orders, please
Please allow a turnaround time of 24-hours for the first proof.


Cost include design and unlimited in-house printing.
No extra charge for cardstock. Will print regular paper unles otherwise specified.
For each additional 1 sided page, add $50.
Open house flyers will be provided to hosting agents free of charge.
You must include all content (text and photos) when placing a brochure order.

  • E-Flyers

    MailChimp E-Flyer - $75
    Includes design and sending to over 10,000 real estate database to MailChimp.
    The Design Studio can also create special templates for your own client database.

  • Postcards

    Design Only - $50
    Inclues design, and sending or uploading artwork to vendor.
    Printing vendors like Impact Marketing can optionally also mail the postcards.

  • Ads

    • Full Page - $100
    • Half or Quarter Page - $50
    • Rerunning an existing ad - Free

    Prices are for design only, not ad space. Please see page 3 for publication contracts. The Design Studio will book your space under special company pricing.
  • Business Cards

    Business Card ReOrder - $200 for 1,000 cards

Custom Projects

Pricing will be determined upon time of consulation.
$50 Minimum

  • Custom Collateral
  • Web Graphics
  • Banners/Signs
  • Logo Designs
  • Illustration
  • Photo Editing

Does not include in-house printing costs.

  • CMA Inserts
  • Announcements
  • Newletters
Email Marketing

Printing Fee


Printing for flyers created by outside designers, reprinting of non-flyer marketing materails such as custom CMAs, bookmarks, survey cards, etc.


Revisions are limited to 3 rounds per project.

An additional $25 will be charged for every 3 edits thereafter. Changes to listing price or hosting agents will not count as a revision.

If the project has been printed, you will be charged the full price as listed above.